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Market Glory - Chapter 1. - Before we start...

Market Glory - Chapter 2. - Basics, and first few days

Market Glory - Chapter 3. - The road to Gold, and even further away

Market Glory - Chapter 4. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 1.

Market Glory - Chapter 5. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 2.

Money for Playing
How could we earn money on net?



Hi, my name is Wigyori (it means ’Smiley’ in Hungarian). Basically, I identify myself as a musician, today in Hungary. As for the financial side I was a freelancer, with different ideas, which was profitable for a while, and guaranteed income for my needs. Sometimes I was absolutely down in a hole (because the All-In doesn’t work all the time), so the best word that described my incomes was unsystematic. Being a lazy man I just let money come and go without caring for stability.

However, in the last two years I am in an unlucky period. My sources of income became rarer and rarer, my new job always got hindered by something. I got totally out of the circle in the end my relationship - which I believed to be stable - was gone too.

Suddenly, I had a lot of time. I couldn’t stop thinking how to start over. It was on my mind for a long time, how cool it would be to earn money by playing games. I always felt comfortable in the world of casinos and gambling, but like I said I was in a negative spiral, and my smallest try would turn to a nightmare. So I started searching on the internet and subscribed to some (allegedly) money maker (allegedly) game.

After lot of infinitely downgraded pyramid schemes I found a few games, which seemed more interesting than others. I thought - time by time -, I would share about my experiences from this games, about my progress, and about the successful (or maybe unsuccessful) withdrawals my pin a blog.

I would warning you, this blog doesn't made for commercial use. You couldn't find here another copy of rules and documentations, like elsewhere, and I'll only write guide, which don't need invest. Of course, I will help you join for some games, and it will be your choices, that you want to invest in-game. In my plans I will write for more games, but these will only base on my own experiences’ hope, it will be useful help for everyone!


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