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Market Glory - Chapter 1. - Before we start

Market Glory - Chapter 2. - Basics and the first few days

Market Glory - Chapter 3. - The road to Gold, and even further away

Market Glory - Chapter 4. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 1.

Market Glory - Chapter 5. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 2.


Money for Playing - How could we earn money on net?

Market Glory - Chapter 5.
The road to glory: the Arena - part 2.

The double motto of this chapter is: 1. "It's a long way to the top" (by AC/DC). 2. "Getting started is always the hardest". In the game and in life, the routine makes progress faster. I also try to make and upload the new chapters as fast as possible. Because my blog is being read in more and more countries, I would like to draw your attention to one small thing: always count with local conditions and in local currency!

So let's see what is on your to do list:

1. The cheapest 3-star attack weapon is the Knife and the defensive weapon is the Glasses. Currently, they have a combined price of 13-14 Gold in the Global market. Add to this your daily cost (wine, milk, newspaper), which is approximately converted to 1 Gold! So, every day you will routinely do the things I wrote earlier. That is: you increase your Energy, you fight, you work. You wait until your balance reaches the required Gold consideration. This equals about 250-260 HUF. For the first time, it will take about 20-25 days. That is, 5-6 weeks after your registration. You exchange HUF (or your local currency) to Gold in the Financial Market. From here, the timing is important!

2. The Local Arena starts at 8pm local time. So at 7:00 pm you buy the best quality knife and glasses in the Global Market. Important! Then, no longer be Referral Fight! Do not use the gun unnecessarily!

3. You set up the attack and defense macro. So you specify what kind of movement to perform during the fight. You can do this under the Arena Tactics tab.


defense tactic

4. In Free Fight you select an opponent. Make sure your opponent is in rank Novice 3. In this case, if you defeat you will have the 3 points you need. Use the preview button to see how much attack power he has. If he has current energy level 1, you can probably defeat him. If you fail, you will have to search for a new opponent while your weapon lasts. If you succeed, you are expecting 19:58.

weaker opponent

weaker opponent

5. Entry to the Local Arena will take place at 7:58 pm local time. This is done automatically by the system once all the necessary conditions are met. So 1 offensive weapon, 1 defense weapon, 5 points Energy and 3 Arena points.

6. In Hungary, there are relatively less arena fighters. If it already has a denominator in the Local Arena except you, you will fight it. This is also automatic, based on the set macros. If you win, you will receive the Local Arena Bonus and be eligible to enter the Global Arena. If you do not have an opponent, there is no bonus, but you are automatically entered into Global. Without using your weapon.

no opponent

no opponent

7. Important! To get enough Energy, do your daily work only after the Local Arena!

8. The Global Arena starts at 9 am. by server time. Half an hour before, you drink wine, milk, and read the newspapers to increase your Energy.

9. You fight. If you win, you also win a bonus. If you lose but have enough weaponry (8 or more uses), you will not fight until that night. Then you go through the list again from point 5.

my global fights

my fights in Global Arena

10. If you have lost and your weapon is low (7 or fewer uses), wait for 11 hours of server time. Then, like in point 4, find an easily defeated opponent in Free Fight. This increases your Arena points.

11. If you run out of weapons, you will start from the beginning, from point 1.

With this method, based on my experience, approximately every 3rd-4th times you get an Arena Bonus, what means Euro income. True, these amounts are very small for the first 1-2 rounds. Especially after deduct from these amounts 35%. But! The amount you need (250 HUF) will be raised faster and faster. Regular play will increase your Experience Points continuously. With that pays you more and more wages. Your victories raise your Arena points, what increase your attack power. Which means more and more chances for winning. Saving the necessary 15 gold also takes less and less time. For me, from the initial 20-25 days decreased to 6 days by now.

This cycle must continue until the first Euro in your account is collected. However, I will only describe the next steps in the next chapter. In the meantime, diligent gathering and good fighting!


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