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Market Glory - Chapter 1. - Before we start

Market Glory - Chapter 2. - Basics and the first few days

Market Glory - Chapter 3. - The road to Gold, and even further away

Market Glory - Chapter 4. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 1.

Market Glory - Chapter 5. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 2.


Money for Playing - How could we earn money on net?

Market Glory - Chapter 4.
The road to glory: the Arena - part 1.


If I started the previous chapter with an old philosophy and with a citation from a song, then I will start the actually with same. The centuries-old, platitudinous proverb is: "Time is money". And the citation is: Money for Nothing (by Dire Straits). It follows that, if we want money for nothing, then it takes a lot of time. :) Of course, it is also true backwards: if somebody wants to shorten a development process, then there are several ways they can do it with money invest. I'd like to short this time for the readers with couple of advice, later on without investment. But, if I get some feedback or request, then I will write it later, where worth invest our real money.

A little interesting before we would go on. In the last couple of weeks suddenly the wages are starting to rise. There was some "free competition capitalism". Two foreign founded or bought a factory. It seemed that they are financially strong players. The Hungarian company-owners began to be displaced from list of workplaces. That's why they started raising wages. The both camp went to the very end. For now the wages stabilized about 600-700 HUF. Makes my calculations in the previous chapters faster and shorter! :)


the wages are about 700 HUF


Let’s sum it up, where are we now! At the end of the previous chapter we had a regular daily rhythm, what bring us regular income in 3 days cycle. Moreover, it increased with raising of your Experience points. We want to raise this "relatively" continuous increase of income to a higher level.
One way to our goal - based on my personal experience - is the Arena.

arena bonuses

Arena bonuses

This game is really like life! We must find the best way to development in games too. And that's where a lot depends on luck! I will outline an easy path.
But first, here's 12 simple rules, what we need to know, before we move on!

1. In the Arena Free-fights take place every day (except the time of Local and Global Arena). There is NO cash reward during Free Fight! The Euro bonus is only available for placing in "tournaments".
2. During the Arena battles, our Energy level decreases by 2% per HIT. EACH arena battle lasts up to 12 HITS maximum. So, when the whole fight goes through, our energy level drops by 21.5%!
3. In order to enter the Arena, we will need at least 1 attacker, 1 defensive weapon and 5 points of energy. The 1 star weapons can be used 5 times and the 3 stars weapons 25 times. Every attack and every defense will "use" each of our weapons.



4. If you have more pieces of one type of weapon, the next weapon will only be used if the previous weapon run out.
5. All weapons provide both offensive and defensive points. Obviously, attacking weapons have more attack points and defenders have more defense points. Poor quality 1-star weapons score 150 and 60 points, and 3-star weapons score 750 and 300 points, respectively. It follows that only a 3 star weapon is worth using. Also because 1 of these is enough for 2 full Arena fight.
6. If we have several different weapons, we use them simultaneously. Of course, in this case their attack and defense points are added together. This gives you a total of 6,300 attack and 6,300 defenses with full 3-star weaponry. If we have different type of weapons, they will "wear" at once."
7. The vulnerabilities of our weapons are multiplied by our current Energy level. Therefore, it is (also) important to keep as high as possible during the arena battles.


a champion's attack power

8. This is multiplied by our bonus from arena points. Our Arena points increase with each victory (depending on the defeated opponent). Of course, after losing it deducts from our points. Therefore, it is sometimes worthwhile to challenge an opponent in Free Fight who is likely to be defeated.
9. Weapons "wear out" even when we do the 10 referral fights a day. It's true, they wear out 1 per fight.
10. Different hits further increase the damage caused. A "head shot" increases your hit score by 1000% or 10x! Both side this will begin to decrease from 3000 points with hits. If anybody reach 0, will lose the fight. This suggests that the head injury is usually fatal.
11. The 6 attacking and 6 defensive moves (that is, the 12 hits) are fought through pre-set macros by the 2 opponent. That is, a lot depends on luck too! Often a good hit can help a weaker opponent to win!


setting defense macro

12. To fight in the Local or Global Arena you also need 3 Arena points. You can only collect this on Free Fight.

Here comes the interesting part! However, I would like to give you some detailed guidance. Therefore, I will describe the tactics in the next chapter. In the meantime, don't forget your daily routine!

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