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Market Glory - Chapter 1. - Before we start

Market Glory - Chapter 2. - Basics and the first few days

Market Glory - Chapter 3. - The road to Gold, and even further away

Market Glory - Chapter 4. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 1.

Market Glory - Chapter 5. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 2.

Money for Playing - How could we earn money on net?

Market Glory - Chapter 3.
The road to Gold, and even further away


Well, as they say, mills of the God grind slowly, and "Rome wasn’t built in a day" (by Morcheeba), was it... When in February I started to write this site, it seemed, I have lot of unused time and energy, just I haven't money. Then, I dusted some old ideas, and I came out with some new one. Then, I got myself, that I must have to try to allocate my time as effectively as possible, and few less important or less urgent things to do I must to put in background for a while. The making of this blog is delayed a little bit. But in life the key of efficiency is the good scheduling. It's no different in Market Glory too!

The determination of the main target is very important. I thought, because the smallest amount of withdraw in game is 20 Euro, let's start from this. At withdrawal of 20 Euro the 20% are deducted for the Partners' Fund, so 16 Euro will put into one of my account. Obviously, it's not a big money, but! In every game and in every economical system the development is accelerating. So at the first time to achieve any goal needs more time, than later repeat it more often. Of course, that the 20 Euro withdraw don't cause full rollover in my system, for this I must left in 15 Euro. So my main target is reach 35 Euro. If we exchange this for HUF, then depending on daily exchange rate we get about 60.000. The previous chapter we finished at the 6th day. At this time about 30 HUF was on our account. Obviously from this, we must reach a smaller step, namely our first Gold. As a reminder this is the things to do on the 7th day:

7th day

the 7th day income


So, you buy wine, milk and 10 articles, what raise up your Energy to 34 points, the fight 10 times and work. Almost in life: you wake up, drink a bottle of wine, a good milk, then sit on the toilet, and run the newspaper! In table it seems, than your daily net income is 11-12 HUF, that means, you can earn enough HUF for 1 Gold in every 1,5-2 days. In this tempo (without development), the 35 Euro would last until about 6000 days, say more than 16 years. Luckily, in this phase already we can see the continuous increasing of income.

Whereas, it's basically a game (even so it can be to become a source of income), everybody decide himself, how much time can take for the game, and what kind of scheduling. There is someone, who take 2 connected hours next to pc or laptop, and automatically do the daily game-routine (with other activities, of course). The advantage of this method, is that the 10 fights and work take place in short time, and the energy loss is small. The upper table made for this method. The disadvantage is that so many time we can see only the Trainer in opponents list, and we know, he doesn't be a slave.


the Trainer is the only one opponent

The other method is that you look at the game many times in day even on smartphone, and check that you can fight with anybody else like Trainer. With this method your game activity lasts almost in whole day, but one time it take maximum 1-2 minutes from your life. If you choose this method, your direct income will be less, because the extended actions. But! If you fight with free referral 10 times a day, you'll get 10 slaves continuously. The question is, how much will get to you indirect income with taxation from the 10. Usually it has 1-2 active in 10. Moreover, your Experience points raise up in work depending on number your active referrals. You get every day some gold from government basically your active servants.


transactions of gold

So both method has preference and disadvantage too. But, the best is you combine the two method, and you choose that one, what just comfortable in your real life. Whereas the work makes bigger energy loss and less income, do it after fights. But just for work we must to watch the time, we shouldn't forget, that the server-time adjust to Romanian time zone. This means the day shift is at 11 p.m. in Hungarian time. We can work once per 24 hours, so let's watch that we don't work too late, because we have got less and less time for it. If we must to skip the work, let's try timing that we keep pause after the 3 days cycle! But, there is no tragedy, if we left out 1-1 day, because maximum the next step lasts a little bit longer time at this phase.


I missed the last day

And here comes the big question: what should it be? Let's take a row the opportunities! For the war must be lot of money in game, like in life too, moreover must be high energy level continuously. For the foundation and operation of factories and companies must have bigger (more Euro) assets. For buying a share needs Euro too. So, these options may come up later. By this time it became obvious (especially, you read the Documentation), that worth it buy from everything the best (with 3 stars). Therefore the development of our Knowledge let's leave it later.

We can raise the Energy level with not only the usual things, but with foods (cuisine products), with energy drinks, with cheese, with clothes and with real estates. You can eat the meals 4 times per day (at every 6th hours) at a specified time. The daily 4 meal costs 1,2-1,6 gold in Global Market, and it gives 5 points to your energy. But, whereas you can't use it when you want, it doesn't bring substantial increase of income. You can use anytime the energy drinks, but the best quality raise only 10 points for 5,2-5,6 gold, so it's not remunerative yet. Cheese factory doesn't work in country, so it's not an option, neither. The clothes and the real estates operate on a very similar principle. The full (10 pieces), best quality wardrobe gives 50/24 points till 10 days, the 3 star palace gives 50/24 too, but it lasts 30 days. This mean, if we have both, then in all 100/24 points reloaded from our used Energy, this mean 4 point per hour. The price of palace is about 200 gold in Global Market, the full clothes costs 35-40 gold. I've decided, that I try clothes: how much will raise my Energy and my income. For the hourly charging my daily starting level maximized at 65-66 point. But in the 10 days, I didn't get back the full amount of invested gold, so this step was early too. But I lost 6 weeks with it!


(empty) wardrobe

After all, there are two areas left, which could raise our income: the Arena, where the bonuses are in Euro, and the Referral-system. But both of this two part has extensive rule system, so I must write about them in separately chapters.

If you interested for the game, and you didn't registration, please, use this link:


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