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Market Glory - Chapter 1. - Before we start

Market Glory - Chapter 2. - Basics and the first few days

Market Glory - Chapter 3. - The road to Gold, and even further away

Market Glory - Chapter 4. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 1.

Market Glory - Chapter 5. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 2.

Money for Playing - How could we earn money on net?

Market Glory - Chapter 2.
Basics and the first few days


I would like draw everybody's attention, that this blog is not some kind of version of Documentation, what everybody can find, but also it's my in-game experiences based on guide, for the quickly development. Therefore I will mention that rules here, which required for understand the actual part.

After the registration from the few sentences introducing reveals, that we must to rub along after a world economy disaster. After that you come to the main screen. Here you can choose which country's citizen want to be. I chose Hungary, therefore I can write more for here conditions, but with few small exception in the other countries works the game by the written. If you decide to try the game, and you don't a registered player yet, please, use the link below:

For you it's all the same, moreover it's guaranteed for you 100 days immunity (namely if you don't sign up somebody's link, then you will be a free referral (slave), who could be attacked by anybody in the daily fights, and will take off your incomes 35 percent).

Well, let's begin the overview with the money, if it's our first goal. In the game counts in three different currency. First of all the country's local currency, in our case this is the good old HUF, say Hungarian forint. In the beginning you could earn income only in forint, because the all action what you could do is 10 slave fight per day, and the work, what you can do once per 24 hours. The next currency is Gold. This is the common currency, this can use for buy and sell in the Global Market, and the slave (referral) market too. The third currency is Euro. The in-game Euro is same value like in the real world Euro. We could withdraw from this amount when it will earn a right high values. So, here comes the essence: 1 Euro exchange rate is between 94-99 Gold (calmly round up to 100), and 1 Gold we can buy for 17,2-17,8 HUF. So, 1 Euro is about 1700 HUF.


The amounts of player

Above the amounts located on screen the 4 most important in-game quality: the Energy, the Experience, the Knowledge and the Productivity. From these we can develop the Knowledge later, because for this needs Gold. The Experience is increasing with every finished work. The Productivity, what we see on screen, is the real value calculated for 8 hours, say 8 times it. The real Productivity calculated by this formula: (Energy + Experience + Knowledge) / 3. This value specify our productivity in work, and we get based on this the announced wage percentage part. The Energy can be maximum 100 point, the Knowledge maximum 1000, and the Experience maximum 1900. From this good seems, that the maximum Productivity can be 1000, only this case we get the whole announced wage. It seems too, that in the beginning we can effect to only one factor: the Energy. Let's look up this thorough!

We can see, that in calculating wage in the beginning the most important value is the Energy. But not essential only for this. Based on your Energy level you get your bonus from daily fights (in the beginning this is the almost exclusive income), it's important at the arena fights, moreover at the monthly government elections. The initial basic Energy level is 1, it can't go below this, and the maximum is 100. In the first few weeks our most important Energy increasing are:

1. The articles, which are 0,1 HUF per article, this gives 0,3 Energy. You can "read" 10 articles per day, so for 1 HUF you can raise your energy by 3 point once per day. You can find the articles at the Home menu, just scroll down. (You get energy from only that articles, which below seems how much must pay for it, the others only just can view.)



2. The Milk, from worth to buy the best (3 stars) quality, or in the Local Market for about 3,4-3,5 HUF, or in the Global Market for 0,12-0,19 Gold. You can drink Milk once per 24 hours, and this gives 5 point to your Energy.

3. The Wine, which can be buy in the Local Market. It costs about 13 HUF, and it raise your Energy by 25 point once per day.

There are other Energy increasing methods, but in the beginning unnecessary deal whit them, because there are unattainable for them prices. And it is the cheese, which could buy in the Local Market, but in Hungary don't have chees-factory, therefore we haven't got experience for this.
Obviously, we need daily Energy increasing, because our every action goes along with energy decreasing.

1. In Work decreasing by 50%. It's completely lifelike, the work carry off our half energy!
2. In Fights decreasing by 10% per fight.
3. If we don't do anything, the Energy decreasing by 5% per hour.

So much in the front, and now let's see the fight! At the Fight menu click the Referral Fight, and we can see the free preys (referrals), who we can attack.

referral fighters

free referrals

Attack only opponent, whom energy level is below like your, because you can win only this case. For winning the Government pays 20 HUF, but it just your energy level base by, so you can get the whole amount, if you've got 100 point of Energy. Otherwise, as is your energy level, as percent you get from 20 HUF. You can fight 10 times per day, but only the win will pay. Another very important thing: the defeated Referral will be your slave for 24 hours, so he pays taxes from his every income. On the list of opponents, there is the Trainer, whom you can defeat 100%. In this case you get the prize money too, but of course, the Trainer don't will become your Referral.



Besides the fight the other source of income (initially enough minimal) is the work. You can do it below at Workplaces menu item in the Work menu. Here are the workplaces listed, begin the offer of most amount of wages. At the write of this article, the Hungarian workplaces offers 252 HUF. If you work every day, on the 3. day you get work bonus from government, which is 1000 HUF. Be careful! You get the wage and the bonus based on your Productivity.



Below the Worklog menu item, you can see your conducted work in the last few days, and the 3 values, which based on your calculated Productivity. In yellow color you can see, when you received the bonus last time. In work your Experience point raise up, when if you don't have got active referral, then raise 0,7 point; if you have got, then will be 3 point, based on numbers of active referrals.

So, in the initial days your daily tasks are: 1. Raise your Energy, with everything you can. 2. Fight 10 times. 3. Work. From tasks of the first 6 days, and from the expected incomes I made a table, with two hours gameplay per day, without active referral and with 252 HUF wage. Naturally, the actual numbers can be different, depending when and how much you can play, but it's good enough approaching.

6 days

The first 6 days


Don't forget, if you like to sign up to game, use this link:


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