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Market Glory - Chapter 1. - Before we start...

Market Glory - Chapter 2. - Basics and the first few days

Market Glory - Chapter 3. - The road to Gold, and even further away

Market Glory - Chapter 4. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 1.

Market Glory - Chapter 5. - The road to glory: the Arena - part 2.

Money for Playing - How could we earn money on net?

Market Glory - Chapter 1.
Before we start...

Well, like I wrote in the Introduction, I tried many games. Because I'm prone to gaming addiction, I had a lot of success in many different games before, even if it would have meant investing money in it. From the newly tried, money promising games, the Market Glory seemed the most promising, for that cause became the first in my blog. The Market Glory is an extremely complex game, I plan to write about the rules and my experiences regularly but first a couple of reasons why I chose this game.

main page

The main page of game

First of all, nothing stupid get-rich-quick pyramid schemes not interested. My principle was that I don’t pay really money to nowhere, mostly I have nothing from it...
Second, the team playing games not was my favorite, moreover the high system reqiremented games I had to skip, therefore I refused the LOL, and other same ideas.

The one of big preference of Market Glory is the game is browser-based, so we can play on any platform, on smartphone too, that will be important, as we will see later.
The developer team, the ESS is Romanian, this fact is positive too, because the last ten years the most intensive IT growth was in India, Russia and Romania.
The game started in 2011, so the beginner faults are corrected.
It’s important fact that the users are over the 38000, so it’s not a starting, barely operating game.

I’ve got lot of time while I played, therefore I looked some other player's profile. I saw more player, who regularly withdraw euro from their in game account. The payout is relatively simple, to be processed 60 working days for Skrill, or 30 working days for Neteller. The minimum payout is 20 euro, from which 20% is fee for Partners Fund.

euro withdraw

Euro withdrawals

At the same time, clearly visible, that 'couse the lot of option and possibility (arena fight, war, management of companies, shares, or slave (referral) market), all this things needs bigger and bigger investments, therefore most of players invested back the earned money.

Every movement of money can be follow clearly, just, because like in real life big part of income deducted (35 percent), what goes to governments, masters and different types of founds. It seems, that the in-game euro what (not obligatory) paid by players stay in the game, like a real good developing economy system, with more and more quantity.

The regulations, or Documentation gives a precise description from different calculations, based on that and with some mathematical skill we can plan our incomes almost exactly (i would give useful help in this with my blog).

Not necessary to convince your all friends to sign up to game, 'couse you could gain slaves (referrals) in-game too. And same as we could used to it at popular mobile-games; we could earn results without money investment, it's true that a little bit slowly.

Summary: the Market Glory is an economy simulator, where without pay any euro, and with regularly game, with good developing character, with correct and calculated math, and with several tactics to withdraw euro is only is my decision! So, I found a game, with earn real money!


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